Sunday, October 2, 2011

My "Brother" First Product..

This IKEA fabric was bought nearly two years ago. I was not sure what to do with the orange stripy, I just cut the fabric simply to test the embroidery pattern that had been computerized in the Innov'is 50. Then, I came to this idea of making use of the tested piece of fabric into something useful. A lunch bag as a gift to my workmate who is resigning this month.I hope she will treats this bag as what I intended when I was making its or otherwise she may keep her books in it...

This bag measures 14 inches x 18 inches.

                                               The inside was layered with purple print fabric.

                                                             Two slots pocket was also sewed inside.

                                                                     This beg is for my friend Yati.

This is my "brother" a gift from my DH.

A New Sewing Machine

At last my old sewing machine SINGER Genie has a replacement. My DH purchased the BROTHER'S sewing machine Innovis 50 which I have been longing for so long.

To complete my dreams is the additional accessories that come with this model, that is the WALKING FOOT, QUILTING FOOT and the WIDE TABLE.

With this new gadget, hopefully  I could speed-up with my DWP project which was halted nearly a year.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WISPs (Works in Slow Progress)

For the past two and a half months, I only view my blog without making any posting. Common reason is of course same as everyone in this bloggers land intro when making a come back. I cannot  express into words the so many happening that had happened during that period.

What surprised me and inspires me to continues my blog is the increasing numbers of visitor shown by the Visitor Traffics gadget. I wish to thank all of you for visiting and reading my blog.

This is a WELCOME wall quilt which I hand quilt WISPs.

My WISPs quilt project is indeed making a progress..slow progress is still a progress, I hope. Here are some of the progress that I have achieved :)..  
Cuts and marked fabric for the DWP
My DWP cutting template which I is very hard to made.

I used artist pencil 10B lead for marking.
My other fabric yet to be cut and marks.

This is where I sew and do my quilting project.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Love of Quilting

On 6 May 2011 (Friday),  I went to Kuala Lumpur acompanying my daughter to attend an interview at the PPUM (Pusat Perubatan University Malaysia). After her session is over, we stop by at Mid Valley but the car parking was full than my son only managed to get a parking space at The Garden. I wanted to go to MPH Book store but we landed at the Border Book store instead.

I purchased three quilting magazine (America's and Austrilia's). It is a dismay to find that in between the contents of the magazine there was an article publish only part 3 of 3  for projects shown which means one will need to look for the next or previous magazine. This is actually the problem when we aren't subscribing a particular magazine.  We tend to miss an article which intrest us.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

It easier said than done....

The most difficult part to assemble is the arc (concurve to convex) . Am I regretting to do the pattern? a little bit I presumed. How do I motivate my self to proceed with this project of DWP. Well, the quilter blogland site surely.

This is how the partly completed unit block look likes after my struggle to sewn them together to make one block. Practically it needs patience and determination.

So far I only manage to achieved this stage for now.. my sewing machine broke down due to old age...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Streamyx & TM Homeline at last...

Now that the streamyx are installed in our TM homeline I feel so excited that I could get connected very fast to the internet from home environment.

I take this chance to visit my blogger friends blog site. I admits that I am always inspired by their story and crafts progress. I have problems when ever I want to post a comment.. thus I felt that this gadget are very tricky to dealt with.

How downhearted it make one feels when after putting out our thought into words but then it could not be publish, it makes me even more phobia of this technology.

Monday, February 28, 2011

To set a date line...

Last sunday afternoon (27/02/2011) I watched astro movie entitled Julie/Julia Project, a story about the heroine wanted to become a writer.. she mentioned something about not being able to completed what ever plan she planned to do.  She create a blog and set a date line to do all the menu wrote by Julia Child " Mastering the Art of France Cooking".  The moral I got from watching these movie was I need to set my own DATE LINE for my DWP project. Is one year too long or too short?? Today is 1st March, maybe I could start counting my date line from this date..

To be fair with myself, I've actually done the sample from the template that I made in January, and I thought that it's gonna be too big from the actual size..

Here is the fabric that my daughter has chosen for the DWP bed quilt.

 Hopefully, I have the guts to cut the fabric into small pieces.  

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Progress for DWP..

Dah masuk minggu ke 2 bulan Februari, saya baru berpeluang untuk buat "post" ini, Tahun 2011 terlalu teruja nak buat patchwork double wedding pattern (DWP). Kain 100% kapas saya dah beli pada penghujung tahun 2010 di Cottage Patch Ampang sempena jualan hujung tahun mereka (potongan 20%). Pemilihan fabrik dan warna saya serahkan pada Nur Syafirah (my daughter). Hopefully her choice of colours and design will works well with the pattern.

"The Grandmother Garden pattern" is actually in my list of patchwork project. I've bought the template for the hexagon as well, but only now I came across with this tutorial by Karen which is very easy to do.