Monday, December 27, 2010

Double Wedding Pattern

I have intended to try making this pattern since 1998, instead I ended by making the stuffed quilt which I used as my dashboard picture. It took me one year to completed the twin size quilt. This is a challenge for me to make this very lovely pattern. I was impressed and wanting to try my skill with this rather complicated design.  I am very lucky to come across with this book which I saw in Pontian Library. This Patchwork Book by Jane Walmsley showed very detailed instruction and guide on how to construction certain needlecrafts project.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Today is my second week in this blogger land. Being IT Fobia, I think it will take time for me to make a posting. Actually I've lots of quilting picture which I made to show but because of this technology is very complicated to deal I could not do so. My first posting was guided by myra of Thank you  myra for being so kind and patient with makcik.

I learn to post a photographs, and I would love to share this cosmetic case sewn by hand. The cosmetic case is for Azira as a get well gift for her. I hope she will use it and treasure it because the case was sewn by hand with love.

Friday, December 17, 2010


My destiny has brought me to the Peninsular Land (Semenanjung). I am married to my husband since November 1979, in Kota Kinabalu. In April 1987, after retiring from the army my DH choose to returned back to his home place, Ayer Baloi Pontian. I resigned as a civil servant in 1990 because of the obstacle in transfered process in those time from Sabah to Semenanjung. Being aways from my homeland and my siblings alway makes me feel lonely. My DH and children gives me courage and happiness. To really overcome my loneliness, I plants flowers and do some patchwork sewing. I love scented flower and lets them grows wild to attracts the butterflies and birds. Patchwork, I made mostly for my family own use as KUMBANG. Anyhow, living in Ayer Baloi is calmed and peaceful because I am surrounded by mostly my loveable family, husband relatives and friends.