Sunday, October 2, 2011

My "Brother" First Product..

This IKEA fabric was bought nearly two years ago. I was not sure what to do with the orange stripy, I just cut the fabric simply to test the embroidery pattern that had been computerized in the Innov'is 50. Then, I came to this idea of making use of the tested piece of fabric into something useful. A lunch bag as a gift to my workmate who is resigning this month.I hope she will treats this bag as what I intended when I was making its or otherwise she may keep her books in it...

This bag measures 14 inches x 18 inches.

                                               The inside was layered with purple print fabric.

                                                             Two slots pocket was also sewed inside.

                                                                     This beg is for my friend Yati.

This is my "brother" a gift from my DH.


  1. Welcome to the club... kelab pemilik NV50 hehehe

  2. Mila, ada club yea..adalah kawan untuk dirujuk.