Saturday, March 26, 2011

It easier said than done....

The most difficult part to assemble is the arc (concurve to convex) . Am I regretting to do the pattern? a little bit I presumed. How do I motivate my self to proceed with this project of DWP. Well, the quilter blogland site surely.

This is how the partly completed unit block look likes after my struggle to sewn them together to make one block. Practically it needs patience and determination.

So far I only manage to achieved this stage for now.. my sewing machine broke down due to old age...


  1. Neng, looks not give up....KDee is right behind you. I have yet to do this next... now searching for printable templates from the net.... any suggestion where to get them!!

  2. I colori che hai scelto sono stupendi!
    Un giorno anch'io comincerĂ² un quilt "anelli della sposa"

  3. It looks good to me,and I like the collors too.

  4. K.Dee: Thanks very much for your word of support. For the template which I am using is copied from the Library book, it has a very detailed and illustration shown which are easy to understand.

    Roos :Thank you for your comments.

  5. It looks lovely ... but if you don't want to continue making more for a full quilt ... just use it as a center block and make the rest of the quilt from differnt blocks!!!

  6. Sharon: Thank you so much for the great idea..I might give it a try.