Saturday, March 12, 2011

Streamyx & TM Homeline at last...

Now that the streamyx are installed in our TM homeline I feel so excited that I could get connected very fast to the internet from home environment.

I take this chance to visit my blogger friends blog site. I admits that I am always inspired by their story and crafts progress. I have problems when ever I want to post a comment.. thus I felt that this gadget are very tricky to dealt with.

How downhearted it make one feels when after putting out our thought into words but then it could not be publish, it makes me even more phobia of this technology.


  1. Your block is very nice. Please don't get discouraged when comments don't work. Sometimes I have the same problem. I have only had a blog a short time but I am enjoying finding friends all around the world. I hope you will too.

  2. Julie: Hello, Thank you so much for your incouraging words, I really need it the support. Thanks for adding.

  3. salam kak
    saya sangat minat quilting ni.Br nk mula berjinak2 dlm quilt.boleh beri tunjuk ajar?Trima kasih

  4. Wasalam Ct Ina, Selamat datang ke blog Kak Neng. Untuk buat quilting memang memerlukan minat yg sngt mendalam. Ct Ina boleh belajar melalui buku-buku atau melalui blog yg berkaitan dlm internet. Ct boleh dapati dari link yg kak joined. Salam perkenalan, Selamat mencuba.