Sunday, October 2, 2011

A New Sewing Machine

At last my old sewing machine SINGER Genie has a replacement. My DH purchased the BROTHER'S sewing machine Innovis 50 which I have been longing for so long.

To complete my dreams is the additional accessories that come with this model, that is the WALKING FOOT, QUILTING FOOT and the WIDE TABLE.

With this new gadget, hopefully  I could speed-up with my DWP project which was halted nearly a year.


  1. Lucky you....My Brother is now 10 years old but it's sewing as the best so I have still no excuse to buy me a better one.
    Greetings Roos

  2. Neng, wow congrates!

    See you and your creations then!!! Seems you have no excuses any more... :D

  3. Roos, Greetings...10 years your brother must have contribute loads of quilts.

  4. wow kak Neng! adore the wide table so much!! can't wait to see it in action! :) how much is it? thanks.