Sunday, October 2, 2011

My "Brother" First Product..

This IKEA fabric was bought nearly two years ago. I was not sure what to do with the orange stripy, I just cut the fabric simply to test the embroidery pattern that had been computerized in the Innov'is 50. Then, I came to this idea of making use of the tested piece of fabric into something useful. A lunch bag as a gift to my workmate who is resigning this month.I hope she will treats this bag as what I intended when I was making its or otherwise she may keep her books in it...

This bag measures 14 inches x 18 inches.

                                               The inside was layered with purple print fabric.

                                                             Two slots pocket was also sewed inside.

                                                                     This beg is for my friend Yati.

This is my "brother" a gift from my DH.

A New Sewing Machine

At last my old sewing machine SINGER Genie has a replacement. My DH purchased the BROTHER'S sewing machine Innovis 50 which I have been longing for so long.

To complete my dreams is the additional accessories that come with this model, that is the WALKING FOOT, QUILTING FOOT and the WIDE TABLE.

With this new gadget, hopefully  I could speed-up with my DWP project which was halted nearly a year.