Sunday, May 27, 2012

Catching up with my DWP (Double Wedding Patchwork project)...

At last I'm nearly done with my DWP fabric cutting and marking...( I started in middle 2010). In 2011 I almost quit with the project because of the difficulties in the joining part of the curves arch, this is where quilters needs to test their sewing thus I clung to that idea and proceed with my DWP. Then another problem arise, erhmmm... my main fabric (for template no. 1 and 2) wasn't enough, arghhhh (I purchase the fabric in 2009 at Ampang Cottage Patch (ACP) - 5 meter, will they still have the design in 2012).

My luck indeed, on 25 Mei 2012 my DIL nephew wedding receptions in GOMBAK, I went along to attend the kenduri which started at 8:00 pm. Why I said my luck..because when we reach the shop it was past 6:00 pm and the OPEN sign was on (they closed at six) and then the fabric that I aim for is available (last kopek - I purchase every meter left which was only 4.4 m). So I am very pleased with that and hoping to complete the DWP this year because I am peeping for this design..THE BUTTERFLY applique which Alice (ACP's owner conveince me to try) and had allowed me to snap a picture on display once I purchase the design pattern).


I am still quilting..wait for my newest post which I can't retrieve after saving while trying to upload a picture..oh poor me..