Saturday, March 26, 2011

It easier said than done....

The most difficult part to assemble is the arc (concurve to convex) . Am I regretting to do the pattern? a little bit I presumed. How do I motivate my self to proceed with this project of DWP. Well, the quilter blogland site surely.

This is how the partly completed unit block look likes after my struggle to sewn them together to make one block. Practically it needs patience and determination.

So far I only manage to achieved this stage for now.. my sewing machine broke down due to old age...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Streamyx & TM Homeline at last...

Now that the streamyx are installed in our TM homeline I feel so excited that I could get connected very fast to the internet from home environment.

I take this chance to visit my blogger friends blog site. I admits that I am always inspired by their story and crafts progress. I have problems when ever I want to post a comment.. thus I felt that this gadget are very tricky to dealt with.

How downhearted it make one feels when after putting out our thought into words but then it could not be publish, it makes me even more phobia of this technology.