Thursday, December 23, 2010


Today is my second week in this blogger land. Being IT Fobia, I think it will take time for me to make a posting. Actually I've lots of quilting picture which I made to show but because of this technology is very complicated to deal I could not do so. My first posting was guided by myra of Thank you  myra for being so kind and patient with makcik.

I learn to post a photographs, and I would love to share this cosmetic case sewn by hand. The cosmetic case is for Azira as a get well gift for her. I hope she will use it and treasure it because the case was sewn by hand with love.


  1. Welcome to the blogland and happy stitching.

  2. cik neng ~thank buadd kan zira cosmetic case :))
    cantik angat ~
    pas nip buadd beg pulak okeyy ~

  3. thank u 2..hehehe..mira dh bg cik neng n zira award..huhuhu...juz check out at my blog...