Monday, December 27, 2010

Double Wedding Pattern

I have intended to try making this pattern since 1998, instead I ended by making the stuffed quilt which I used as my dashboard picture. It took me one year to completed the twin size quilt. This is a challenge for me to make this very lovely pattern. I was impressed and wanting to try my skill with this rather complicated design.  I am very lucky to come across with this book which I saw in Pontian Library. This Patchwork Book by Jane Walmsley showed very detailed instruction and guide on how to construction certain needlecrafts project.


  1. Salam Neng. Just calle me kakDee.....

    Love to see you put your fingers on this projects. I have wanted to do this design... and the time has yet to come...soon I hope!

  2. Salam KakDee,Thank you for your support, I hope I could start making the DW patern in 2011. Insyallah

  3. I'm anxious to see the results of cik neng...I was impressed with cik neng...

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    All the best, Bob West